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Enjoy on your hands!
Mobile Communication Total Solution
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Pharos Seriese

SPOT Smart Portable Optimization Tool

Wireless Network Diagnostic Monitoring Tool

SPOT is the network service quality test tool on the hand-held type as built in your smartphone.
Provides you to show the real-time measurement, displays all RF and signaling data.
Log files are compatibility with Actix, WAS, Netimizer DMA for post-processing.

SPOT Multi Smart Portable Optimization Tool-Multi

Benchmarking & Network monitoring solution

SPOT-Multi support to control Max. 6 devices via Android tablet based on bluetooth communication.
Advanced solution with enhanced mobility to test Outdoor / Indoor / Subway / Tracking road.
Save the time and cost, also can easily compare the results of each locations.

Q Speed Test Wireless network quality measurement tool

Simple smart measurement tool

Q Speed Test, in simple and easy way, is a tool capable of measuring the quality of the wireless network.
By measuring the data on the LTE, WCDMA, CDMA and Wi-Fi network, to ensure the quality state of the network, and collects the results.

WAS Web Analyzer System

Post process server analysis solution

WAS, is the Web-based Analysis Server solution, accessible via web-browser at anytime and any place.
WAS supports big data management and advanced RF analysis solution and also automatic total solution as integrated with SPOT.

TOS TETRA Optimization Solution

Essential solution for TRS network quality monitoring and optimization.

TETRA quality measurement tool for optimization and coverage control to minimize RF Gap area.
Hand-Held type for your convenience at in-building test and mountainous area test.
Real-time mapping on the various digital map (Google Map, etc) and report the result automatically on the Tablet PC.

GTS GPS Tracking Solution

Terminal activity monitoring and location service

Monitoring terminal status and location
Route tracking service on the map - end user management and location tracking


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